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IMPORTANT! We have temporarily stopped our classes and private social dances due to the Covid-19 second wave in Stockholm (We still do some online classes though). We would like you all to be patient with this, not only within Zouk, but also all dances and encourage organizers to join the effort and help put some breakes on this second wave, so we can dance together sooner again rather than later. We are all empowered to help, by following the goverment reccommendations. / Lili and friends from Zouk in Stockholm

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We are three ladies in Stockholm who teach and dance Mzouk, a variety of Brazlian Zouk, and are recognized as “The Zouk Angels”.


In  Zouk, it is becoming more popular to learn both dance roles: Leading and following. We encourage our students to learn both if wanted, regardless of gender. In our social dances, we have a non-alcohol policy: no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during our dances. Read more about our instructors and see our demos. You can also read about the different varieties of BZ.

Our classes are located in the heart of Stockholm: Gamla Stan – Mäster Olofsgården, but sometimes other locations for special occasions down town Stockholm.

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