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We are three ladies in Stockholm who teach and dance Mzouk, a variety of Brazlian Zouk, and are recognized as “The Zouk Angels”.


Brazilian Zouk is a couple’s dance with origins in the 90’s Lambada, and developed mostly in Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays,  BZ is spread all over the world, and can be danced to a variety of Music styles – including Caribbean Zouk music, which is how the dance came to be simply  known as “Zouk”. You get the smoothness of Tango, the heat of Salsa, and the expression of Contemporary Dance, all in one and together with a partner! We also offer you solo dance: Core training and AfroLatin mix, to complement your skills.

In  Zouk, it is becoming more popular to learn both dance roles: Leading and following. We encourage our students to learn both if wanted, regardless of gender. In our social dances, we have a non-alcohol policy: no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during our dances. Read more about our instructors and see our demos. You can also read about the different varieties of BZ.

Our classes are located in the heart of Stockholm: Gamla Stan – Mäster Olofsgården, but sometimes other locations for special occasions down town Stockholm.

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Social Dance

Zouk Angels Night – Brazilian Special


Hej! Come to legendary Engelen in Gamla Stan and dance with us on a Thursday night.

By the decks we have Lili Z, with the latest, the sharpest, best and hottest music from Reggaeton, Dance Hall, Brazilian Funk, Zouk remixes  – and all music that makes your body move.

You don’t know how to dance? No worries, we give you a free lesson in the art of Mzouk (couple’s dance). You don’t wish to dance in couples? No problem, you can dance solo or simply raise your glass from your chair and tag along the action and feel the vibe.

NEXT DATE 30 January!

This is what is happening

👉Free lesson 20:00 to 21:00

👉Free dance until 23:00

★ To see how the dance looks like, go to demos

See you on the dance floor!




Mzouk Open Level Classes


The Mzouk method, being one of the most structured, since it has been developed for over 20 years, is now available in Stockholm.

EVERY THURSDAY AT 18:00 in Gamla Stan. We run for 6 sessions of 1 hr at the time and the level is open.

This means we work concept based and not pattern based (memorizing patterns). You learn about the basic steps, and how to use them to creat your own dance through exercises and weekly practice. We work also on the anatomy of couple dance, as well as points of contact, posture, lead and follow techniques, etc. Welcome to try our classes!

OPEN LEVEL: Means that it is suitable for the absolute beginner as much as for the one that has been dancing a while. The next level will be called Level 1, and is not suitable for beginners.

NEXT START DATE: 18 January 2018

A PUNCH CARD of 6 times that you purchase makes it easier for you to join the classes the day you decide to come. But we reccomend consitency and not miss so many classes.


1 punch card (6 times): 650 SEK (Discounted, 520)

Thursdays 18:00 – 19:00, Mäster Olofsgården, . Gamla Stan.

For more dates and other questions please send an email to

See you soon on the dance floor!