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Brazilian Zouk is a couple’s dance with origins in the 90’s Lambada. The dance is now combined with a variety of music, including Caribbean Zouk music (music genre), which is how the dance came to be known as Zouk.

In Brazilian Zouk, it is becoming more popular to learn both dance roles: Leading and following. We encourage our students to learn both if wanted, regardless of gender. In our social dances, we have a non-alcohol policy: no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during our dances. Read more about our instructors and see our demos.

At Zouk in Stockholm, you learn the freshest varieties of Brazilian Zouk, since the instructors travel all the time out to Europe to get inspiration and education. We also invite international instructors regularly.

Our classes are located in central Stockholm:

Gamla Stan – Mäster Olofsgården

Frejgatan 41 – Danstudio1     

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Mzouk Express Course

Zouk in Stockholm is happy to invite you to an introductory express course in the style of Mzouk: 4 h to learn the basics.

Mzouk is a branch of Brazilian Zouk which developed in Spain on the island of Mallorca. This intensive class is taught by Lili Ortiz, who belongs to the Spiral Dancers group with members based in Spain/ Holland / USA / Finland – and her dance partner Sarah Hayes.

In the course, you’ll learn about
– the rhythm of Mzouk
– the basic steps and how to combine them to create your own dance
– contact with the partner
– leading and following
– dance posture alone and with a partner.
13:00 – 17:00 Workshops
15 min after 2 h

PRICE: 360 SEK (Presale 350)
Stutents 10% discount

Special offer of two spots for the price of one as you sign up while attending any given event from Zouk in Stockholm.  For this see Classes.

For questions please send an email to

Down Town Zouk – Special Guest Tiago


Finally! An entire evening in town with Zouk, Zouk and just Zouk! For this evening we get Tiago Moraes as guest teacher.

Zouk in Stockholm has the pleasure to invite you to an evening with workshops, dance, new dance friends and a nice, relaxed and friendly environment. If you want to read about Zouk click here.

About Tiago Moraes:

Tiago is a Brazilian Ballroom Dance teacher for Zouk, Forró & Samba de gafiera. Based in Cologne Germany. His dance style has a well balanced focus on technique, musicality and connection. Due his graduation as a strength and conditioning coach his method of teaching is really well structured and full of touchable details, making the classes really clear! Tiago has a contagious energy when dancing or teaching that makes you feel energized & good humored! So expect a class (or a dance) fully of details but not boring! Balance is everything!

Come and join!

PROGRAM 18:30 – 19:30 Zouk Workshop Open Level

19:30 – 22:00 Social Dance


The whole evening: 180 SEK (Pre-sale 170)

Only Social Dance: 100 SEK (Pre-Sale 90)

Students: 10% discount

PLACE Svartmangatan 6, Mäster Olofsgården, T-bana Gamla Stan


Payment via Shish or preferably via ticketing system (See “tickets”) NOTE: You must pre-register to get door code. For questions email


Lady Style with Lili

Hello Gals and Lads!

Finally a class for you who need to work on your solo tecnique and improve and/or complement your Zouk (or other dances). We work on a choreography which eventually can be performed in front of an audience – with some extra training (not included in this course fee), for those interested.

This class is shaped with help of choreography from Leticia Estévez, (Spiral Dancers / Barcelona), and the Mzouk School. Leticia is a very busy, working choreographer for top level Zouk, and other dances such as Bachata or Salsa.


Free trial class Wednesday 23 January 20:15. Don’t miss it!

For gals and lads who want to express themselves on the dance floor and become stronger and stable followers. For leaders to gain more body control and losen up as they lead. HIGH HEELS ARE GOOD BUT NOT MANDATORY. But if you can wear them it would be nice!

+ Gain self-confidence
+ Feel sensual and with that little “extra” spice
+ Master basic Zouk tecniques
+ Master your hips
+ Mastering your arm placements
+ Play with the musicality
+ Work your posture
+ Work your balance
+ And have fun 😉


6 hours in total the following Wednesdays between 20:15 and 21:15

30/1 6/12 13/2 20/2 6/3 13/3

Mäster Olofsgården, Svarmansgatan 6 (Gamla Stan)
Spegelsalen (wooden floor)

6 times for 750 SEK

2 participants for the price of 1, Valid until Chtistmas Eve 2018.

20% off if yoy pay and sign up for the course during this free trial class (you save 150 SEK)

10%, not to be combined with other discounts.

Remember to reserve your spot!
Payment by Swish or ticket system preferably.

Mzouk Sundays

sunday funday - made with postermywall

Zouk in Stockholm is happy to invite you to weekly classes and social dance in the style of Mzouk. Every Sunday, we share with you the magic of Brazilian Zouk. The Mzouk method, being one of the most structured, since it has been developed since over 20 years, is now available in Stockholm.

YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY THIS CLASS FOR FREE on 23 of March. Thereafter, those who want are welcome to try it for free one time if they already have some experience of Zouk/Mzouk.

In the sessions, you’ll learn about

– the rhythm of Mzouk

– the basic steps and how to combine them to create your own dance

– contact with the partner

– leading and following

– dance posture alone and with a partner


Mzouk is a branch of Brazilian Zouk which developed in Spain on the island of Mallorca. These classes are taught by Lili Ortiz, who belongs to the Spiral Dancers School, with members based in Spain/ Holland / USA / Finland – her dance partner Sarah Hayes, and assistant students that are currently in special training.


DATES (6 times)


24/3 (Free Trial Class), 31/3 , 7/4, 14/4, 28/4, 5/5, 19/5


14:00 – 15:00 Mzouk Beginners

15:00 – 16:00 Mzouk Improvers

16.00 – 17:00 Social dance – Practice



1 course: 650 SEK (Discounted, 520)

2 courses: 850 SEK (Discounted 734)

1 class: 120 SEK (Discounted 95)

2 classes: 150 SEK (Discounted 130)


Special offer of two spots for the price of one (50% of full price) as you sign up while attending any given event from Zouk in Stockholm. To keep track of these classes see


For questions please send an email to


See you soon on the dance floor!

Afro Latin Mix

Kopia av BUNDA.png

In this class, you shake it as much as you want!

Our focus is not just cardio, but also:

  • Some moves that you learn and make you feel like a star whether you shake off at home in your kitchen, or at the dance club.
  • A lot of work with booty and legs, lunges and a little twerk.
  • A lot of laughter and crazy fun!

You recharge with good energy for a whole week. Be prepared for some afro, dancehall, Brazilian funk, and Axé. Day fresh music as well as some retro. Music is carefully selected for a 60-minute mini-party.

Do you want to hear a sample of how the music sounds? please click here. 

We build up the hour so that you train the movements a little at a time, and we are gradually increasing the effort by the end of the class. The choreographies are simple but useful and, not least, party-friendly. The more you do these choreographies, the more flow and feeling you will get on the dance itself. No previous dance requirements, just shake off!

Free trial class on Feb 7, 2019


Master Olofsgården, Svartmangatan 6 (Gamla Stan), Stora Salen


Thursdays 20:15 to 21:15, starting on February 14th.

with breaks on week 9 and v 15, as well as 30th of May.




12 times for 1100 SEK (clip card)

6 gg for 600 SEK (clip card)

3 times 330 SEK (clip card)

1 time for 120 SEK (pre-registration required)


2 spots for the price of one for 6 and 12 times.

 You get your card on the first pass you go on. Questions? Please email See you!

Body and Technique Class


This is a special class for you who want to develop your Zouk dance and take it to the next level, for which you need not only softness but also lots of body control to be able to execute advanced movements and prevent injuries.

Up to 70% of this class would be solo technique and on the floor. This is why we cannot have a big training group: it needs to be personalized. We work either laying or sitting down, so you need to wear comfortable clothes (no jeans). A good part of the class is solo technique, standing or on the floor. When in couples, we do not train Zouk patterns, but we train concepts, with exercises from Mzouk Level 1. Included in the class is a few body exercises to improve posture, activate muscles and eventually perform better, for instance: Head movements.


It is possible to attend even if your focus is other Zouk style than Mzouk, but you need to have some base in Zouk / Mzouk. You don’t need to attend as a leader or follower, changing roles is part of the method.

For information on when, where and how much this class is please write to