Next free trial class is 25 of March, for the Mzouk beginners class. We have our usual discount “on the spot”, 20% off the course fee when you sign up during this class. Read more.

Brazilian Zouk is a dance from Brazil, with origins in the 90’s Lambada. The dance is now combined with a variety of music, including Caribbean Zouk music (music genre), which is how the dance came to be known as Zouk.

Next Social Dance is going to be Sunday 11 March. Workshop hr is about Dips and Tricks. To register for this/ pre sales click the picture:zouk lektion

In Brazilian Zouk it is becoming more popular to learn both dance roles: Leading and following. We encourage our students to learn both if wanted, regardless of gender. In our social dances we have a non-alcohol policy: no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during our dances. Read more about our instructors and see our demos.

At Zouk in Stockholm you learn the freshest varieties of Brazilian Zouk, since the instructors travel all the time out to Europe to get inspiration and education. We also invite international instructors regularly.

Our clases are located in central Stockholm:

Gamla Stan – Mäster Olofsgården

Frejgatan 41 – Danstudio1     

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Mzouk- Starting 8 April 2018

mzouk-e1432926885574Mzouk is the Mallorquin style of Brazilian Zouk. It was developed by Jefferson Da Costa Oliveira (Mestre Gegê) in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Mzouk, under a solid technique, combines elements from different disciplines such as contact improvisation, contemporary and hip-hop. It’s a style based on improvisation and it allows you to create, communicate and express. There are no limits.

Mzouk is first time brought to Stockholm by Lili Ortiz during Spring 2018, due to her Instructor training at Spiral Dancers Barcelona/Mallorca.


Mzouk 1In the course you’ll learn about
– the rhythm of zouk
– the basic steps and how to combine them to create your own dance
– contact to the partner
– leading and following
– dance posture alone and with a partner
– body isolation
– and a lot more…

The price of the course includes 10 basic course classes of 1 h and 30 min. Part of the time is practice (up to 20 min). You don’t need a partner (we rotate couples all the time) but you can certainly bring one with you and you get an extra discount on it.

Come and start enjoying this creative, versatile, fun and expressive dance!

Free Trial Class 25 march! Click here to get a free ticket

Frejgatan 41, Dansstudio 1.
Sundays 14:30 to 16:00
starting 8 April and ending 10 June.

Regular: 1250 SEK
Couples: 2250 SEK (leader + follower)
If you sign up during this ree trial class, single person (on-the-spot): 1000 (20% discount)
If you sign up during free trial class, as dance couple: 940 (25% discount)

STUDENT DISCOUNT (no matter when you buy class)
20% and 25% on couples (show student ID at first class):

To sign up use our ticket system, or fill in the following form if you want to pay by invoice (you can choose to divide your fee in two payments)


Questions of any, please write an email to:

Zouk Sundays


registration button class Zouk stockholmWelcome to 6 evenings of sweet Zouk dance and fun,  with workshops on Brazilian Zouk, and work that musicality and sensation into our feet and bodies. Open levels nights that work fine for you who don’t have any experience, but also for you who have been dancing Zouk for a while. We  put the partner connection to another level. You can attend every evening separatedly, but if you want to focus on the workshops (60 min) and go all 6 of them, you can buy them as a separate course. For that click here *SIGN UP*. If you have no zouk basics and intend to attend all 6 sundays, we reccommend you to attend our Beginners Class, either only or simultaneously with these workshops.

We always play calm and slow music, no BPM above 150!!

PLACE: Stora Salen


28/1 Zouk with Lauren and Piro at Mäster Olof:

11/2 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social: Body Movements special.

11/3 Zouk Sunday: Workshop and social: Dips and tricks Special

8/4 Zouk Sunday:Workshop and social: Footwork Special

22/4 Zouk Sunday: Head Movement Variations

13/5 Zouk Sunday: Flow tecniques


18:15 – 19:15 Workshop, Open Level
19:15- 22:00 Social Dance.

PRICES (Swish, Cash or Card)

Workshop and Social: 120 SEK (pre-sale 100 SEK)
Only Social: 60 SEK (pre-sale 50 SEK)

6 times offer (including social dance): 500 SEK



Bruno Galhardo Feb 16-18, 2018

Bruno Galhardo (Brazil)


Zouk in Stockholm warmly welcomes a very special guest for his first time in Stockholm, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bruno Galhardo!!
Join us for 8 hours of workshops and parties on friday and saturday night, learn from one of the icons of Brazillian Zouk in the calm and friendly city of Stockholm!
For your best enjoyment at the parties, we also welcome on the DJ decks:
DJ Lili Z (Sweden)
DJ Rhino (UK)
DJ Viking (Norway)

EARLY BIRD Full Pass (Single): 700sek/73€
EARLY BIRD Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1300sek/135€
EARLY BIRD day pass: 400sek/41€

Full Pass (Single): 800sek/83€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1400sek/145€
Day pass: 500sek/51€

Full Pass (Single): 900sek/93€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1600sek/163€
Day pass: 600sek/61€

Full Pass (Single): 950sek/98€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1750sek/179€
Day pass: 650sek/66€

PARTY PASSES FIXED PRICE (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
300sek /30€

University students: 5% discount
Contact for group discounts!!
(Group discount can be used in synchronisation with student discount but NOT couple passes)
Please note: It is your responsiblity to ensure that you pay any transfer or conversion fees as they are not included in the prices.

Swish: +46760659763
Paypal: laurenchapelhow@gmail.com

**Please remember to include your name when paying and preferably also include if you plan to attend the workshops as a leader or a follower.**
More methods of payment coming soon. Contact personally in the meantime if you want to use alternative payment methods.

Schedule (to be updated)

bruno galhardo


Friday: Valentine

Saturday: At the movies



Stockholm Line Dancers: Luntmakargatan 94-96


City Backpacker Hostel: http://www.cityhostel.se/en/
Discount code for 18% off: Bruno Workshop-18

Zouk Couchsurfing: Fill out Google form

The venue is centrally located with lots of restaurants and convinience stores nearby. For hot food to be delivered on Saturday night for 50sek, fill out google form
FREE WATER, free tea and free coffee for the whole event!!

You can buy bodysuits at the event or order online with international shipping, or free collection at the event