Extra Class: Wed 20/9 20:30 to 21:30 Head Movements Workshop at Studio Salsa.

Se link to Facebook: The ZOUK hour


Zouk in Stockholm is a group that organizes workshops and social dances with guest teachers, to promote Brazilian Zouk. It is a community of joyous dancers and lovely people.

Brazilian Zouk is a dance from Brazil, with origins in the 90’s Lambada. The dance is now combined with a variety of music, including Caribbean Zouk music (music genre), which is how the dance came to be known as Zouk.

In Brazilian Zouk it is becoming more popular to learn both dance roles: Leading and following. We encourage our students to learn both if wanted, regardless of gender. In our social dances we have a non-alcohol policy: no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during our dances.

At Zouk in Stockholm you learn the freshest varieties of  Brazilian Zouk, since the instructors travel all the time out to Europe to get inspiration and education. We also invite international instructors regularly.

Our clases are located in central Stockholm:

Gamla Stan – Mäster Olofsgården

Odenplan – Studio Salsa

Frejgatan – Dansstudio1

Come and join and have fun!



FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ztockholm

E-MAIL: zoukinstockholm@gmail.com

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Zouk with Javi & Sam Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2017

We have te opportunity to have this lovely couple in Stockholm for workshops, to smothen our dance and get sassy!! A fusion of cultures and Styles, with Javi from Spain and Sam from Singapore. Sam and Javi, operate from Mataró, Spain, and belong to a group called Zouk Devils. J&S are very popular, none the less for their god vibe and highly ejoyable workshops.


Javi sam weekend.jpg


19:00- 20:00 Workshop (Dance Connection)
20:00-01:00 Party (Dance Connection)

12:00-14:00 Workshops (Mäster Olofsgården)
14:00-16:00 Workshops(Mäster Olofsgården)
20:00-03:00 Party (Dance Connection)

11:00-13:00 Workshops (Mäster Olofsgården)

– Mäster Olofsgården (Spegelsalen): Svartmangatan 6

– Dance Connection (Sveavägen 128)


750 SEK (79 Euro) FULL PASS
600 SEK (63 Euro) FULL PASS per person if you are:
– A participant of other intensive weekends at Zouk in Stockholm (china Soulzouk or Kris Leczek)
– or travel our of the Stlm/Uppsala region

250 SEK (26 Euro) : 1 ws + party

200 SEK (21 Euro): 1 Workshop
300 SEK (31 Euro) : 2 Workshops

FRIDAY: 100 SEK (11 Euro)
SATURDAY: 120 SEK (13 Euro)
PARTY PASS: 170 SEK (18 Euro)

Early Bird Full Pass: 600 SEK until 15 Sep
Visitors outside Stockholm- Uppsala region: 600 SEK
(Help for coach surfing, write to zoukinstockholm@gmail.com)

For registrations click here REGISTRATIONS.  You can choose help with accomodation for abot 100 per night, if you travel for this event.


West meets East, a fusion of zouk styles and techniques promoting connection, musicality and versatility. Javi and Sam are members of the collective Zouk Devils, in Barcelona/Mataró Their yearly festival with focus on social dancing has served as role model for many European festivals in recent years. Javi and Sam are not only skileed teachers, but also highly popular social dancers!!

Read more at javiandsam.com

Bootcamp with Kris Leczek Oct 7-8, 2017

We have te opportunity to have Kris Leczek in Stockholm for workshops, to get you started in the beautiful and sensual Brazilian Zouk. Kris is schooled in Soulzouk techniques, which are extra comfortable for you to learn and practice.

Sign up for 6 (7) intensive hours with workshops and practice with Kris-


SATURDAY  Oct 7 (Svartmangatan 6)
12:00-14:00 Workshops
14:00-16:00 Workshops
19:00-22:00 Practice, Social Dance, ZOUK FRESH

SUNDAY Oct 8 (Svartmangatan 6)
12:00-14:00 Workshops

650 SEK
Visitors from outside the Stlm-Uppsala region
600 SEK

SOCIAL DANCE: 70 SEK (Included in Workshop fee)

To register for this classes use the form here: **REGISTER**



Kris Leczek is a well know name and face among Zoukers, who travel to congresses, since he is often hired as DJ for these as DJ SoulZouk. He teaches also Zouk on regular basis. Kris started his career as a Bachata DJ and Instructor before starting with Zouk.


Soulzouk is a METHODOLOGY based on the premise that respects the fundamental principles of human movement performance. The ideal is the execution of high performance movements with less energy expenditure as possible, according to Biomechanics.

Soulzouk is a set of tools for the students to develop THEMSELVES, so he/she understands how his/her body works and what are their strong points and which points needs more attention and dedication. A very good complement to traditional ZOUK/BACHATA classes, since it is based on individual conditions.

Brazilian Zouk Beginners – Start 15 October – 6 Sundays


Free Try out Sun Oct 7, 2017 at 14:30 to 15:30. Frejgatan 41. To get door code write to zoukinstockholm.com

Welcome to an introduction to Brazilian Zouk: a sensual dance style with roots in the 90’s Lambada, and of growing popularity in Europe. We want to share with you, the basics for this dance, and some cool moves, to enjoy on the dance floor. We share also the feeling of Zouk, that can be from Zouk but also R-n-B or Pop, etc. You get a new musicality in your social dancing!

If you have experience of / or dance other Brazilian dances this is a good way to get in touch with yet another one – with a twist. And if you have experience of Bachata, Kizomba, Tango or Salsa, you will see some resemblance in BZ…But still feel many differences in tecnique!!

So if you want to grow as a social dancer, and go Brazilian Hot, come and join! You don’t need to bring a partner, we rotate couples all the time (you get to know new dance buddies). You chose your roll (leader/follower) as you sign up.

Every Sunday 14:30 to 16:00 at Frejgatan 41

REGULAR PRICES (6 sessions, 90 min each)
Per person 800 SEK

For registration click REGISTRATION

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Zouk Improvers – Tecnique Class – Tuesdays

Zouk Improvers



Welcome to learn Brazilian Zouk: a sensual dance style with roots in the 90’s Lambada, and of growing popularity in Europe. Zouk in Stockholm want to invite you to a wonderful experience and posibility to perform dancing on stage.

In this class we focus on improving our technique, and revise profoundly our movement and our lead and follow. We explore concepts such as musicality, contact, torso tecnique, the frame, and other aspects of modern Brazilian Zouk and its sub styles. How to dance safely and to find the spots in our bodies we need to activate/relax in order to have/deliver a nice dance experience.You don’t need to bring a partner, we rotate couples all the time.

The classes are training based, which means we have throughly wam ups and in some cases stretch, so we reccomend you wear comfortable clothes, we might sit down or lay on the floor.

We start Tuesday 3 of October and continue 6 times, with breaks on national holidays, and school holidays only.

REGULAR PRICES (6 sessions, 90 min each)
Per person 800 SEK


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Bruno Galhardo Feb 16-18, 2018

Bruno Galhardo (Brazil)


Zouk in Stockholm warmly welcomes a very special guest for his first time in Stockholm, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bruno Galhardo!!
Join us for 8 hours of workshops and parties on friday and saturday night, learn from one of the icons of Brazillian Zouk in the calm and friendly city of Stockholm!
For your best enjoyment at the parties, we also welcome on the DJ decks:
DJ Lili Z (Sweden)
DJ Rhino (UK)
DJ Viking (Norway)Prices:

EARLY BIRD Full Pass (Single): 700sek/73€
EARLY BIRD Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1300sek/135€
EARLY BIRD day pass: 400sek/41€

Full Pass (Single): 800sek/83€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1400sek/145€
Day pass: 500sek/51€

Full Pass (Single): 900sek/93€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1500sek/155€
Day pass: 500sek/61€

Full Pass (Single): 950sek/98€
Full Pass (Couple- 1 leader 1 follower): 1550sek/155€
Day pass: 550sek/66€

University students: 5% discount
Contact for group discounts!!

Swish: +46760659763
Paypal: laurenchapelhow@gmail.com

**Please remember to include your name when paying and preferably also include if you plan to attend the workshops as a leader or a follower.**
More methods of payment coming soon. Contact personally in the meantime if you want to use alternative payment methods.

More information on parties, party passes, confirmed artists, hotels and accommodation will all follow soon.