How young can you start dancing Zouk?

When I started dancing Zouk I never even thought about these questions. Children do not belong to a late-night dance establishment. At least not so in the culture where I live and function: A Scandinavian country like Sweden. Here the different ages are segregated in many aspects of life. Also, “noisy” is not considered ok.Continue reading “How young can you start dancing Zouk?”

Heels or no Heels, that is the Question

Dancin Zouk in High Heels After a major injury in my left ankle, while chasing a bus on my way to the airport, I am finally dancing Zouk in high heels again. It was not easy, but with some help from my physiotherapist at löparakuten, I am as stronger as ever, and can actually endureContinue reading “Heels or no Heels, that is the Question”

Dancing Zouk as a leader when you are a woman

The idea of this article has been growing in my chest for a long time, I think ever since I started dancing as a leader and decided to be a good one, as good as any male leader. For real. Once I took the decision, it was easy. I am not sacrificing anything (some awesomeContinue reading “Dancing Zouk as a leader when you are a woman”

Eat, Sleep, Zouk, Repeat – Festival Survival

You are hooked on Zouk now and want to start to travel for Zouk. You find yourself, as a Teletubby after sliding down the slope, “again, again!”. Zouk festivals are somewhat addictive (at least for a short period of time), and your very first festival ever is a test on your body and mind. ButContinue reading “Eat, Sleep, Zouk, Repeat – Festival Survival”

Confessions of a Social dancer – My becoming an Mzouker

Crush number one: April – May 2014, I meet a person at a salsa party in Sweden, and start checking out this person’s videos on Youtube, he was dancing this thing called “Brazilian Zouk”. What is that? It was not perhaps “love at first sight”, but I had to find more out. Eventually, I enrolledContinue reading “Confessions of a Social dancer – My becoming an Mzouker”

The Learning of Social Dance – A Zouk journey

Learning a new social dance is (to use a cliché word), a real journey. A journey in your own body, your mind, and soul. Our ability to adapt to each other, lead and follow, is amazing when you think of it. How to tune in into each other and submerge yourself into a two-some, inContinue reading “The Learning of Social Dance – A Zouk journey”

Genealogy of Brazilian Zouk

    Zouk, Lamba Zouk, Neo Zouk…all words that don’t give a specific meaning when you are new and have not danced Zouk for long. But as you do, and visit European Congresses, or find interesting Demos on Youtube, you start to wonder. We modern humans like to categorize everything, from birds to dance stylesContinue reading “Genealogy of Brazilian Zouk”

Confessions of a Social Dancer – Blog about being a Zouker

Trading Places I have been dancing Brazilian Zouk as a leader lately. I just started little by little, goofing around with my girlfriends, and one day somehow I just took off dancing. Not the best of the leaders, but yes, leading through an entire song. In Zouk, it is common to see dancers trading places.Continue reading “Confessions of a Social Dancer – Blog about being a Zouker”