About Covid-19

Social dance during the current Covid-19 pandemics is very hard, nearly impossible in many places around the world. In Sweden, we have some restrictions and recommendations about social interaction and gatherings that you can read at the following page:


Update from 30/01 2021: Pandemilagen (New Pandemic Law i Swedish)

Following the recommendations of the PHAS, we adapt our classes (private or group) in this way:

  • No more than 4 couples at the time are allowed in the room/on the dance floor, including the instructor couple.
  • No drop in – just pre-booked spots. Make sure to cancel if you are not able to come.
  • You should preferably bring your own dance partner. If not, we expect you to dance with an assigned partner in a way ZIS considers minimizes the spread risk (for instance, with someone we know has antibodies).
  • We don’t demand proof of antibodies, we rely on good civil behavior (so does the Swedish Authorities).
  • We expect the dance couples to stay in the assigned, and marked spot on the dance floor and not move around near other couples
  • While in the studio, we open the windows and make sure the room is airy.
  • While in the studio, we expect you tho wash your hands before class and right after class. We provide you with alcohol for your hands if necessary.
  • Of course, we expect you to stay at home if you have any flu or cold symptoms.
  • If you have to stay at home due to symptoms as you start at course, we can offer you follow the class live from your home using Jitsi meet (an app like zoom). You find information about Jitsi further below.
  • It is ok to linger and dance with your partner in the room and your assigned spot after class for max 15 minutes and do some practice (just wash your hands afterwards).
  • If any thoughts or worries, please contact the instructors/organizers or write to zoukinstockholm@gmail.com.


  • We do not do social dance until the Pandemics law allowes us to do so. Classes and social dance are separated events (different management) until further notice.
  • If any thoughts or worries, please contact the instructors/organizers or write to zoukinstockholm@gmail.com

About the Jitsi-app:

Here is a link to it and how to download it.

We wish you safe dances! / The Zouk Angels