Core for Dancers


This is a special class for you who want to develop your couple’s dance and take it to the next level, for which you need not only softness but also lots of core control to be able to execute advanced movements, like spins (in or out of axis = head movements), body waves, get a good posture, and prevent injuries.

Up to 70% of this class would be solo technique and on the floor. This is why we cannot have a big training group: it needs to be personalized. We work either lying or sitting down, so you need to wear comfortable clothes (no jeans). A good part of the class is solo technique, standing or on the floor. When standing up, we train concepts, with exercises like for instance spinning technique, port de bras (arm exercises = balett), or body movements

It is possible to attend even if your focus is other style than Zouk, but you need to have some base in couple’s dance. You don’t need to attend as a leader or follower, we dance very little in couples

The instructor for this class is Lili Ortiz, with some balett training, but also currently under Instructor training for the Spiral Dance Academy (Mallorca/Barcelona), and training to become a Personal Training (PT) at KUI (Stlm).

Come and try the class for free on Thursday 22 August, 19:00 at Mäster Olofsgården!

Thereafter we run every Thursday between 19:00 and 20:00


12 times: 1250 SEK

6 times: 700 SEK

3 times: 360 SEK

1 time: 125 SEK


For information on when, where and how much this class is please write to