Mzouk Introduction Intensive Course

Mzouk Intensive(3)

Zouk in Stockholm is happy to invite you to an introductory weekender in the style of Mzouk: 6 h to learn the basics.

Mzouk is a style of Brazilian Zouk developed in Spain on the island of Mallorca. This intensive class is taught by Lili Ortiz, with Mzouk training from Spiral Dance in Barcelona/Mallorca.

In the course you’ll learn about
– the rhythm of zouk
– the basic steps and how to combine them to create your own dance
– contact to the partner
– leading and following
– dance posture alone and with a partner


SAT 1 SEP (Svartmangatan 6)

14:00 Class 1
15:00 Class 2
16:00 Class 3
17:00 Praktice and Questions

Praktika at Vasaparken if the weather is good

14:15 Class 4
15:15 Class 5
16:15 Class 6
17:15 Practice and Questions
18:15 Finish

Praktika at Vasaparken if the weather is good

PRICE (ticket system / other payment method)

Before 1 August: 500 SEK / 550 SEK
After 1 August 600 SEK / 650 SEK
At the door: 700 SEK / 750 SEK

This Intensive Course is followed by a Super Intensive Weekend 14 – 16th of September, when Daniel and Leticia Estevez – the developers of the Mzouk Style – will be visiting Stockholm and teaching for us. Also 20th of October, there will be another Intensive Intermediate weekend to attend for you who wish to continue learning Mzouk.