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AfroLatin Mix – Brazilian Special

Tutorial, LoKo by Major Lazer

PLACE: Online by Jitsi

TIME: Sunday 24 and 31 January 18:00 – 19:00

Also Swish is possible see link TICKETS

In this class, you shake it (and shape it) as much as you want! Our focus is not just cardio, but also: * Some moves that you learn and make you feel like a star whether you shake off at home in your kitchen, or at the dance club.

* A lot of work with booty and legs, lunges and a little twerk.
* A lot of laughter and crazy fun!

You recharge with good energy for a whole week. Be prepared for some Afro, Dancehall, Brazilian funk, and Axé. Day fresh music as well as some retro. Music is carefully selected for a 60-minute mini-party.We build up the hour so that you train the movements a little at a time, and we are gradually increasing the effort by the end of the class.
The choreographies are simple but useful and, not least, party-friendly. The more you do these choreographies, the more flow and feeling you will get on the dance itself. No previous dance requirements, just shake off!

Lady Style

TIME: Sundays 14:30 – 16:00

7 March

14 March

21 March

PLACE: Online by jitsi

PRICE: 70 KR, Swish also available, see TICKETS

“After all, Ginger Rogers did everyting that Fred Astair did. She just did it backwards and in high heels” / Ann Richards

Welcome to a really intensive clas where you get some excercises to improve your arms, steps and posture in heels as you dance salsa, bachata, Kizomba or Zouk. We use pop or R’n’B music to do this.

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