Dance for Parkinson’s


Through affiliation to the Dance for PD® program from Mark Morris Dance Group (Brooklyn, NY),  Zouk in Stockholm is able to offer private dance lessons for you that are newly diagnosed, or diagnosed but still working. You are welcome to come as a dance student (not as a patient) alone or with a (diagnosed or not) partner. For further information and a trial session write to

You are also welcome to visit the home page for the program, Dance for PD®.

Dance for PD®, founded in 2001, offers specialized dance classes to people with Parkinson’s, their families, friends and care partners in eight locations around New York City and through our network of affiliates in more than 100 communities in 20 countries around the world.

Why Dance for Parkinson’s Disease?

1. Dance develops flexibility and instills confidence.
2. Dance is first and foremost a stimulating mental activity that connects mind to body.
3. Dance breaks isolation.
4. Dance invokes imagery in the service of graceful movement.
5. Dance focuses attention on eyes, ears and touch as tools to assist in movement and balance.
6. Dance increases awareness of where all parts of the body are in space.
7. Dance tells stories.
8. Dance sparks creativity.
9. The basis of dance is rhythm.
10. The essence of dance is joy.
For further information and a trial session write to