The Crew

Zouk in Stockholm invites international instructors at least one time per semester. This to develop our dance and share with students. We also travel to get lessons abroad and develop.





* Background in Ballet and Contemporary dance.
* Used to teach Cuban Salsa and Zumba.
* Musicologist from University of Lund.
* Traning intensively home and abroad to acquire good Zouk techniques.

Lili is the resident instructor of Zouk in Stockholm, with studies and experience in dance since more than  20 years.





lauren dancing


Lauren heps out at classes and other events regularly. She started dancing Zouk while living in Asia. She developed her dance skills through a few years, and eventually started a Zouk Society back home at Canterbury Christ Church and Kent University in Canterbury. Lauren is a devoted dancer, and attends Congresses as well as Intensive weekends to develop her Zouk. She also tries and study new dances regularly, for instance Ballet and Tribal Dance in Stockholm, where she resides.






Sonia has a background in West Coast Swing, Bachata and other Latin Dances as Tango.  She started out as Social Dancer at the age of 16 with Bugg (Swedish Dance), and eventually Zouk. Sonia is a very attentive Assistant Instructor, with high sensitivity and good feedback points for students.





Mikael comes from a dancing family, and has a background in couple dances such as Boggie Woogie, Blues, and West Coast Swing. He is a smooth, flowy dancer, working on his Zouk, his latest discovery and passion due to its versatility.



Guest Instructor – Kris Leczek


Kris Leczek is a well know name and face among Zoukers, and Bachateros who travel to congresses, since he is often hired as DJ for these as DJ SoulZouk. He teaches also Zouk on regular basis. Kris started his career as a Bachata DJ and Instructor before starting with Zouk.


Soulzouk is a METHODOLOGY based on the premise that respects the fundamental principles of human movement performance. The ideal is the execution of high performance movements with less energy expenditure as possible, according to Biomechanics.

Soulzouk is a set of tools for the students to develop THEMSELVES, so he/she understands how his/her body works and what are their strong points and which points needs more attention and dedication.