The Crew

Zouk in Stockholm invites international instructors at least one time per semester. This to develop our dance and share with students. We also travel to get lessons abroad and dance at festivals.



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* Background in Ballet and Contemporary dance.
* Used to teach Cuban Salsa and Zumba.
* Musicologist from the University of Lund.
* Traning intensively home and abroad to acquire good Zouk techniques.

Lili is the resident instructor of Zouk in Stockholm, with studies and experience in dance for more than  20 years.







Originally from Ireland, she started out Zouk as a ZIS student and is now intensely training Mzouk. She has been dancing since the age of 7 as an Irish dancer, giving her discipline and a love for performance. Hungry to develop her Zouk, she is traveling frequently with the Stockholm team to Zouk events across Europe.






Soon to be updated with new crew members that are currently under training!