China Soulzouk in Stockholm – Information – Under construction

LAST MINUTE INFORMATION: Tomorrow wokshops are going to be at

Spegelsalen, which is in front of Bergmanssalen (the one with the green floor)

Hello dear Zouker and thank you for your attendance of this weekender.

Here is some information of practical matter

Private Lessons

These are possible Friday and Monday during the day. Make sure you book in advance by approaching China himself or writing to

The schedule

China Soulzouk Workshops


 The venues, how to get there?


  • Mäster Olofs Gården (Bergmanssalen). Door code 2020 if closed.

Address is Svartmangatan 6, see MAP HERE

All workshops except for te Friday “Lateral” are going to be carried here.

This venue is located in Gamla Stan (old town), an Island among all islands of Stlm. And some streets are crowded with tourists all year round. Getting here by car is a bit tricky, especially since there is reparation work at the Slussen area. Our reccommendation is leave the car and take the metro – T-bana. The Metro station is  Gamla Stan. You can get help from your phone and GPS Here is a “picture map” of where to go once you get off the metro.


  • Studio Salsa, Västmannagatan 46 see MAP HERE.

All the parties are taking place here, including the external one (Brazouka’s), non included in this event, on Sunday evening. Studio is open a few hrs before the party, it is ok if you want to change, have a shower, and chill here right before parties.

This venue is located in the Odenplan area. It is easier to access by car, but if so make sure to arrive in time since finding a parking place might take a little while. If you are arriving by metro, the station is T-bana Odenplan.

Where to eat?

Here are some reccomendations for you:

Supermarkets near Odenplan

* Hemköp

Ica- Sabbatsberget


Cafés near Odenplan

Sandys (Sallads, Sandwichs)

Folkets Kebab (it does not look fancy but food is surprisingly good)

Burger King  (well sometimes you’ve got to eat. not so bad though)

Flippin Burgers (a little more Fancy, more choices for all diets)

Supermarkets near Gamla Stan

Munkbrohallen (a little more expensive, but right at the metro station)

Cafés near Gamla Stan

Grillska Huset (good and near, just outside of the venue)

Vapiano (right beside the metro station. Good food also if you are vegan and want pasta)


What to bring?

Shoes are important for a dancer. Make sure your shoes don’t leave black marks on the floor. Or cause other damage to it. Water bottle (although you don’t sweat much when dancing Soulzouk). It is ok to bring children if you consider they can be patient and wait for mum or dad to finish class – although not so fun for them. But no animals due to allergies. You can bring your own food, there are no microwaves or kitchen. If you want to change before parties, you can do so at Studio Salsa, and bring your evening outfit.

There will be coffee and tea for free at the workshops, and some snacks. And for purchase at the parties.

What we offer at the venues?

  • Mäster Olof, Gamla Stan: Shower is possible, but it is in another studio. Bathrooms. Coffee and tea, and some snacks. Chairs, no soffas.
  • Studio Salsa:  Separate dressing rooms, with showers. A lobby, perfect for chill out. You can come to this studio well in advance before the party. Close to many restaurants and food stores.
  • Coffe and tea during workshops
  • Soft beverages to purchase during parties.

How to get around in Stockolm?

Here is a link to the SL (Stocholm Traffic), and a reccomended App for smooth navigation. Getting home from the parties is relatively easy, traffic is slow and metro is running all night. Normally one departure each half hour.

If you are using public tranportation we reccommend:



We close the party door after 23:00. Then the party becomes a private party. If you need to go out and come back, or let anybody in,  please let the person in desk know this and we help you. Also if you plan to come later than 23:00. Easiest way to get in is send a text message to + 46 732 514 234, or inbox through facebok to lili Ortizz. Not to publish in the event!