Zouk Improvers – Tecnique Class – Tuesdays

Zouk Improvers



Welcome to learn Brazilian Zouk: a sensual dance style with roots in the 90’s Lambada, and of growing popularity in Europe. Zouk in Stockholm want to invite you to a wonderful experience and posibility to perform dancing on stage.

In this class we focus on improving our technique, and revise profoundly our movement and our lead and follow. We explore concepts such as musicality, contact, torso tecnique, the frame, and other aspects of modern Brazilian Zouk and its sub styles. How to dance safely and to find the spots in our bodies we need to activate/relax in order to have/deliver a nice dance experience.You don’t need to bring a partner, we rotate couples all the time.

The classes are training based, which means we have throughly wam ups and in some cases stretch, so we reccomend you wear comfortable clothes, we might sit down or lay on the floor.

We start Tuesday 3 of October and continue 6 times, with breaks on national holidays, and school holidays only.

REGULAR PRICES (6 sessions, 90 min each)
Per person 800 SEK


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